Atheist Arguments

1. There is no proof of God.

(1) There is no proof of God.

(2) We cannot see him, hear him, smell him or feel him. (3) Where are the miracles today, why not show himself? (4) In fact we can’t prove anything in the bible (or other religious books) we can’t even prove Jesus!

(5) Where is the stamp on the atom that says “made by God”?

(6) There is no way to test or run some lab results for God. (7) If you  can  bring  me proof then I will believe.

2. Religion/God is a backwards idea

(1) Religion is a backwards idea created by goat herders (2) living in the Bronze Age

(3) that didn’t understand a lot of things (so God-Dunnit).

(4) They made up primitive god’s like the sun and

(5) over time as they understood things better and

(6) no longer needed those crutches so they gave those up and when humanity grows up we will give up the last ones. (7) Even if we say there is a god … which one? Which Religion?

(8) Which version of Christianity?

(9) In the end religion is for weak people

(10) made up for controlling the masses

(11) with its Santa clause system of a good list and naughty list.

(12) Simply put Religion and the idea of God is holding humanity back from our destiny.

3. God/Religion is evil.

(1) Religion is the sole bringer of destruction from the inquisitions to Hitler

(2) we have seen religion used to justify and turn a blind eye to pedophilia, slavery, homophobia etc.

(3) But then considering that stuff is in all your “holy” books it makes sense.

(4) This is why we see religion spreading so much hate, homophobia, sexism, racism and

(5) then claim the moral authority.

(6) Wake up your magic sky friend was made up to get evil done.

(7) I mean COME ON … if he did exist why would He allow all this stuff to be done in his name?

(8) Why would the innocent suffer and the guilty party like rock stars?

(9) What about the children?

(10) Why did he even create evil in the first place?

4. Science is superior to God.

(1) Religion motivates by fear whereas science is motivated by truth.

(2) The stories in the bible are at best children's stories with no backing evidence.

(3) Science is the only way to find the truth and

(4) it has given us the benefits we have today.

(5) That is why Religion is in a death struggle with science as it looses members.

(6) Consider this my idiot friend why would God make mistakes in his design?

(7) Evolution is a fact and there are

(8) no evolutionary scientists that disagree with that.

(9) Any “so called” scientists that believe in God are cooks.

(10) As we close the gaps left in our understanding people will leave god behind because there is no need for it.

(11) Evolution shows us there is no need for God.

(12) Religions are stagnate and can not adapt. In order to stay relevant as new technologies and societies advance religions would need to adapt but they are trapped by their “holy books” leaving them increasingly irrelevant. Society can not progress until we abandon religion and god.

5. God is made up.

(1) The burden of proof is on the believer since what you are saying is so outlandish.

(2) I mean yes I can’t disprove your “Angry Sky God” but you can’t disprove my “Magic Green Dragon” either. In fact you can’t disprove “Thor” either.

(3) Bottom line weak people need something to

(4) cling to in harsh times and they invented all kinds of (5) Gods and they ask you to just believe in them.

(6) But science is about examining evidence and the

(7) evidence is in the so called “holy books” have all kinds of mistakes because they were written by

(8) goat herders in the

(9) Bronze Age.

6. We don't need God.

(1) The universe has always been here in one form or another and

(2) science is showing us everyday that life as we know it never needed God.

(3) Why is such a powerful being so clingy and needy and egotistical and willing to burn you for not believing? (47) We didn’t need God to create anything and we don’t need his help for morals that is fine left to society and logic.

(4) The only true moral is to do no harm to others.

(5) And if we did need religion for morals then which religion? And who is to say which is better?

7. God is not powerful. 

(1) If god is so powerful where are the miracles today?

(2) If God is so powerful then why are religions getting left in the dust as society keeps updating? I will tell you why because just like laws that must keep up in order to adjust to society so must religions but they can’t because their books are set.

(3) Any deity which desired to be believed would reveal itself to everyone during all of history.

(4) If God is Omnipotent: Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

8. Misc.

(1) Your an idiot! The Atheist has no burden to prove anything since we simply don’t believe in God’s either the fun ones of old like the Greek One’s or the crazy homicidal kind of today.

(2)This reminds me your an idiot!  Who Created God?

(3) Hitler and the Nazi’s were Christians. 

(4) How do you think humans arrived when we know there were never less then 10,000 humans on the planet? (5) Of course there are still things science has yet to figure out but “God-dunnit” is a tool of the weak. Oh yeah … your an idiot.