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Often times when  a need arises, a person with foresight and drive, forms an organization to service other human beings.

Many great organizations survived and flourished through the ages, first started by Christians.


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Ascension Trust  est. 2003

Ascension Trust







Street Pastors is an interdenominational network of Christian charities operating across the UK and world wide. Street Pastors is an initiative of Ascension Trust.

The pastors undergo 12 days of training in order to voluntarily patrol the streets of towns and cities at night, helping and caring for people in practical ways.

The initiative began in the United Kingdom and is now being operated in other countries.  Many police services, in areas such as London and Scotland, have praised the scheme.  Ascension Trust reports that reduction in crime figures have been recorded in areas where the Street Pastors initiatives have been operating, which have been confirmed by official police figures.

Cross International Alliance (Cross) est. 2001




Cross International Alliance (Cross) is an inter-denominational Christian relief and development organization based in South Florida that provides food, shelter, education, medical care and emergency aid to the poor in over 30 countries across the globe.


Cross was recently recognized for its work in Haiti, receiving a $4.8 million grant from the U.S. government for a new program seeking to care for children and families impacted by AIDS in the country.


From its headquarters in Pompano Beach, Cross raises millions of dollars through donations each year to fund development programs that target the “poorest of the poor” in developing countries, and it ships millions of dollars worth of humanitarian goods to high-need areas such as Kenya and Nicaragua.



Redeeming our Communities 

Redeeming Our Communities

Debra Jean Green OBE is an author, popular speaker and founder of Redeeming Our Communities, a UK-wide charity based in Manchester, UK.

Throughout the 1990s Green worked for Network, the Council of Churches in Greater Manchester. She was instrumental in setting up a leaders' forum and a citywide prayer event, Prayer Network, which involved over 200 churches of many denominations working and praying together for the city. She co-ordinated citywide meetings which focused on issues such as crime, education and healthcare, with up to 2500 people attending these events.

In 2004 Green founded the charity Redeeming Our Communities (ROC), of which she is the National Director. This group aims to bring about community transformation by creating strategic partnerships which open up opportunities for crime and disorder reduction and improved community cohesion.

In recognition of her work towards community cohesion, she was awarded an OBE in June 2012

Tiny Hands International (THI)

Tiny Hands International (THI) est. 2005, is a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to helping orphaned and abandoned children and fighting sex trafficking in South Asia. Tiny Hands operates through national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India.


People who "do God, do good" - admits British Politician 

Churches alone are providing almost 100 million hours of unpaid volunteer work on social projects a year, up by more than a third in two years, while donations for such work are up by a fifth, it found. Despite the economic situation, church members alone have increased their donations to social action projects by 19 per cent in two years to £342 million.

Churches step into void in recession-hit Britain.
The scale of Britain’s reliance on churches to meet social needs is set out in a report showing more than half of Anglican parishes run services such as food banks, homework clubs and even street patrols.