Information: important for understanding everything.

Communication 101: Information Theory Made REALLY EASY

Scientists Prove Again that Life is the Result of Intelligent Design

Science fails again and again to explain the origin of life.

Best of Behe: Blind Evolution or Intelligent Design?

A great scientist explaining irreducible complexity.

A Positive Testable Case for Intelligent Design.

Building a case for ID that is impossible to wiggle out of.

Scientists keep failing to prove a Godless Universe

Another pointless attempt to Defeat Biogenesis

All the Smart People

Atheists think all the Smart People are evolutionists ... not!

Why there is no such thing as a good Atheist.

Hilarious and too true good article.

Design Debate in a Nutshell!

Great ideas and quotes from great minds.

The RNA World Hypothesis Explained and Unexplained

Great article really explains the theory and why it doesn't work.

Of Whales and Timescales

Not only clarifies the whale evolution but clears up some other evolution as well.

“Abiogenesis is Irrelevant to Evolution”

The Achilles heel of Atheism is Abiogenesis ... and we all know it.

Nothing’s the Matter with Atheistic Materialism

Too funny ... Too True. This one gets into the philosophy of Atheism and why it doesn't work

Welcome to the Top Ten Scientific Problems with Biological and Chemical Evolution

Solid information.

“Documented” Transitional Forms?

Where are the "real" Transitional Species"?

How Biochemist Matti Leisola’s Lab Experience Persuaded Him of Intelligent Design

Science will do that.

The rising belief in moral atheists

The decline in the west led by Atheism.


44 Reasons why evolution is a fairy tale!

Good Article … great points.