Proof of God 

Brain Sketch

1. Intro:

It all starts with Consciousness!


It’s impossible to understand how the universe works and whether or not there is a God unless: you begin with consciousness, end with consciousness, because it is only possible through consciousness.


There are two views on this subject. The dualist view is that the Brain and Consciousness are not the same and one is not derived from the other. The [non-dualist] view is that they are the same or that consciousness is a by-product of brain. Only one can be correct. Either the consciousness is its own entity or it is merley an artifact of the brain. We would expect to see the evidence line up for one or the other but not completely for both (could be some overlap). In order for atheism to work the following equation must be true:

Brain = Consciousness

Pretty simple.

But the science and evidence is inconvenient to that equation as we will see. Why would I say that? Well if the Brain <> Consciousness then this thing we call consciousness is its own separate entity. It is apart from the body and is a non-physical, non-material entity. As such we would expect to see certain things:

1. For starters we would expect there to be an interface located somewhere in the physical body to interact with this thing “consciousness”.

2. That interface would be different then the rest of the body.

3. That interface would have to be powerful in order to handle all of the physical processes of the body, take in sensory input and translate it to the consciousness, and process the information from the consciousness to the body.

4. We would expect certain phenomena to occur from time to time that show clearly that the body and the consciousness are two separate things (albeit connected).

5. We would expect the interface to be electrical and most likely electromagnetic in nature.

6. We would expect the interface to use more energy then other parts of the body.

7. We would expect the consciousness to be able to affect the interface or brain.

8. We would expect the consciousness to be able to affect and terminate the body and brain.

9. We would expect that consciousness can be unaffected by loss of the interface at times.

10. We would expect that we could find some underlying examples of the independence of consciousness in science and in other systems in the universe/nature.


Seems pretty straightforward. That’s what I would expect from such an extravagant claim.


Lets first take a peak at the Devils side (just kidding) [non-dualism].


2. Materialism vs God

But to the material atheist the brain and consciousness are one and the same. And they have to be in order for her/his belief system to work. There can be nothing beyond the physical. You are nothing but a slightly evolved meat puppet working with [2.7 pounds] of a ground meat computer in your skull. The only thing that makes you different from girl, Dwayne Johnson or carrot top (bet that is the first time those three have ever been in a line up) is the wiring you start off with in your brain and your life experiences. If your brain started off with the same wiring and you had the same life experiences you would be one of them. After all the brain is simply a meat machine. You are simply a bio-machine. There isn’t much choice in who or what you are, that was basically programmed at birth and then you reacted to the cards dealt to you as they came. Its easy to see why many would have this view. After all if we put a bullet in someones head its lights out. The easiest way to damage a human is to damage the brain. Drink too much and your thinking is fuzzy. Bang your head hard and you will be “unconscious”. We have also mapped out a lot of the brain and can see what parts are firing when different things happen. We can see for example the trajectory of a thought through the brain. [watch this gif] We see a different brain patter when a person is unconscious. Also new applications of science are allowing for the implanting of visuals, memories, and even states of emotion. We can also view visuals from the brain and people for a long time have been able to move things with machinery connected to their brains by simply thinking. These tests are well documented and no one can argue with them and no one does. Non-physical / non-material intelligent entities sounds like ferrys and pixie dust. Also if there is no God then we would not expect there to be an independent Consciousness that would make no sense. And of course we are taught for good reasons to only trust things we can test and verify. Everything else is superstitions, speculation, and foolishness.


Invisible imaginary stuff you can’t test!


I debate atheists often who tell me they don’t believe in God because you can’t see him, you can’t test for him, you can’t do the scientific method on him. Well it seems then that the same would be said of consciousness then. I mean you can’t see consciousness. You can’t put it in a test tube and apply some preasure tests on it. Could you weight a thought?


No you can’t.


Neither can you put gravity in a bottle and weigh it. You can’t put the Big Bang in a test tube and observe it. You can’t put the principles of quantum physics on a table and measure them. You can only measure the effects of these things. That is how we know they are real. That is part of science. Through repeated tests we know that gravity is real, the Big Bang happened and that Quantum Physics is the most solid theory in all of science. We take for granted that there are invisible things like gravity that we can’t see but that we can measure and see their effects. I’m pretty sure your not reading this on your ceiling for example. So lets start with a different hypothesis and see how well it would explain the [non-dualist] position and if it would add anything new. Could it better explain all of the things we see? Could it be the only way to explain the things we see?



4. Interface

What if the brain and consciousness are connected but the are not the same and one is physical and the other is not. If this were the case then the brain is the interface … it would be the translator between non-material and the physical body. It is the connection from non-physical to physical and vise versa but because they are connected one can effect the other just like the body can effect the brain and vise versa. Thinking patterns can also change the body directly. You can get sick by being depressed. It can weaken your body and cause serious problems later. And of course being sick, hurt or injured can affect how you view yourself and how you think and interact with your environment. If you get hit hard, really hard where multiple systems in your body are affected and we’re talking hospital time or close it will affect how you. It changes who you are in that moment and while your dealing with it at the very least. They way you process and the way you think about yourself for awhile. If you were not able to function the way you normally do your ability to process is changed and sometimes even the way you relate to yourself can change. But no part of the body effects the body more then the brain. When the brain is affected it affects everything else on a more serious level.


5. The brain is unique

Because the brain is not only the interface to your consciousness but it is also the processing center for your entire body as it must be. The interface between consciousness and body must be able to process billions of calculations a second. It has to be able to govern the 50+ trillion cells in your body, regulate your respiratory system, circulatory system as well as many other systems you don’t even ever think about unless they are damaged and you are hurt. In addition to being on auto pilot doing millions of tasks simultaneously it does this while taking in an amazing amount of sensory data and processing it. It then sends only the relevant data to the consciousness to be analyzed and dealt with. Then it has in a split second to process whatever information/commands that come back from the consciousness. The electrical system and electric/chemical processing system the electro/magnetic fields within the mind and the processing power of the mind makes it very different then any other organ in the body. Its the one organ in the body that is so highly electrical. The are things about that brain that are very different than anything else in the body and necessary for it to be the interface. All things lead to the brain … all sensory data and everything flows from it … all commands. We have to have an interface between the consciousness and the body because the human body is interacting on a physical level and the consciousness is operating in a non-material way. The brain needs to know when there is pain in the body or when something is wrong.


And so there must be an interface so the consciousness can deal with the information. But that doesn’t mean that the brain is the consciousness. We can witness instances where consciousness and the brain can continue to exist independent of one another albeit for a brief time and we only witness this in extreme conditions. The interesting thing is how Christianity and other religions have called this all out thousands of years ago. The fact that when consciousness returns to the body people have documented what their unconnected consciousness had observed. That makes sense and is what we would expect. When a person does die we shouldn't expect to detect signs of life from the body because the consciousness has no use for the body. The link between the interface has been broken. When the link is even broken when they are comatose they are said to be “Unconscious” when they regain the link and come to they have ……..“regained consciousness”.



6. Damaged Interface

Makes sense to me. What happens when a person is seriously out of it and are under the influence of too much … too much. The interface is tore up from the floor up and so the information is scrambled. The body in addition is feeling all kinds of things that are also sending funky junky info to the consciousness. All of this makes perfect sense if we are talking about two different but seriously connected entities. A lot of the confusion that atheists and others are getting from all of this is just a missunderstanding because they are grouping the two together as if they really are one. But they are not.


7. Atheists must deny reality

If they were one then NDE’s would make no sense and would have to be dissmissed no matter what as fraud because they defy that assumption a hundred percent. MPD’s would also make no sense. Intuition and other phenomena similarly.


8. Somethings are not material

Once again as was stated at the start of this paper the only way to understand the universe starts with consciousness. Or to put it better it starts with a proper understanding that consciousness is not the same and just because something is not material or that you can not see it does not mean it does not exist. People that confuse the two together do so because they feel they have to be able to measure everything directly even though they accept there are some things we only measure the effects of. The only way to actually measure the consciousness is to measure the effects of consciousness.




What are thoughts? (Lets get into that in a minute).

If thoughts and consciousness are fundamental to how the universe operates then thoughts and consciousness are fundamental to everything. It all starts and ends with consciousness. The idea that the universe is here without a purpose or design is ludicrous when you look at the interplay between consciousness and matter in quantum physics. Unguided/purposeless explanations don’t get far when you realise that universe was set up for an observer and for conscious life to exist. A single thought is powerful that it can dictate what state matter will be in when observed. The information in that thought can go backwards in time. (If you doubt this ask any Quantum Physicist or just go to our section on QP). A single thought can defy much of what we thought about physics. Thoughts are the most powerful things in the universe. You thought it was a black hole or a super nova … nope a single thought. How do you get a universe going that was set up for consciousness without a consciousness planning it? It starts with consciousness and ends with consciousness and is only possible because of consciousness. Clearly a super conscious entity had consciousness in mind when it made the universe. Consciousness itself becomes a major part of the purpose of the universe. Honestly the whole thing is quite beautiful when you think about it. The canvas becomes part of the painting in a huge way. If consciousness wasn’t the end design there wouldn’t even be a universe.


When I was an atheist I decided to begin studying QP. I had serious problems with it because of what it suggested. The idea that the immaterial existed at all was backwards and that it could have an effect … well that's blasphemy. I struggled with QP for quite awhile. But I began to realize that the material explanations were not going to cut it. If this is how the universe works and there are thousands upon thousands of tests in fact it is the most tested theory in the history of science then I would just have to accept the results. You have to follow the data and evidence where ever it goes. Even if its uncomfortable or goes against some of your current beliefs. Even if it shook up everything that I believed in. There’s no way you can develop as a human being unless you are truthful to yourself and are willing to go where the evidence goes. How can you truly understand the universe if you don’t accept it …. AS IT IS?


All of these things I had to face if I was to be honest with myself. And I did face them and actually came out the other side better for it. My understanding of science took major leaps forward. I no longer struggled with the things that appeared “spooky” or “bewildering” … just follow the data and know that because there is a God it ties all of that in place. All of these things make sense when you understand the true nature of the universe and they are not that complicated actually. Its much easier to just relax and take the universe as it is when you actually understand it … AS IT IS!!


The brains of humans are same to one another in a lot of ways physically. They don’t differ nearly as much in relation to personalities. For example one time I was talking to a liberal friend of mine and I mentioned the word “Trump”. This had a very physical reaction to my friend. Now what I said was as neutral as neutral could be. I simply said “Yesterday I was in New York City and saw some interesting things like central park, the empire state building, the trump tower and the statue of liberty”. But the mere mention of the word “Trump” was enough to trigger her. I could see her breathing accelerate, face turned flush, an angry tortured look came upon her face. Her voice changed … everything changed on a dime. Now for some people they would have the opposite reaction. They may feel wonderment, gratitude, awe. Their face may feel with joy. And then we would see everything in between for many others. Personalities are endless and so are our reactions to the same events, physical drama or any of a number of different things. One person may feel very anxious and another may feel very relaxed. One person may be traumatized for life and another may grow stronger as a result of some challenge.


If a crime scene happens a room full of people can have a room full of interpretations. The truth is that each individual is an individual. As distinctive as a DNA fingerprint. People see things differently based on what their inner self is telling them. How can this be explained if a person is just the brain? Why would it be so different from one another? Most of our brains are very similar and yet we are not. Sister twins can be very different from one another.


Our individual responses to ideas, people, events are as different as each of us … which is to say they are personal to each of us. Our inner selves are different then the mind. And our inner-selves our consciousness is personal to each of us. Although many brains are very similar to one another and many people can have similar life experiences NO-ONE thinks that they are they same person as someone else. Not even twins who have had similar experiences and brains would think that. Not even conjoined twins. We all instinctively know that while we may be similar to other people … the person inside is us and no-one else. And while many brains may be very different then other brains in terms of processing power or unique abilities or if we were to group by age, sex and so on. When it comes to the consciousness it is absolutely unique to each individual.


Why do we have psychologists? Why do we have personality disorders? There is no need for this type of depth in the differences of personalities in humans from an evolutionary standpoint.


If some day you could transplant a brain from one body to another you can guarantee that the person getting the transplant will want some serious reassurances that their consciousness will some how be transferred as well. Most of us wouldn’t trust the very idea of it. Even atheists would have a hard time when it came to the final moment. Think about it. No one has a problem with a heart transplant but the brain … the interface that is attached to our consciousness is somehow a much bigger step.


When we see damage to the brain that doesn’t mean that we are seeing damage to the consciousness. We are seeing damage to the interface. For example if someone gets hurt and looses a lot of their memory this could mean that part of the interface is damaged. Many get those memories back. A software code can be intact but come out looking damaged if the hardware is not working properly. A split personality doesn’t mean there are multiple consciousness inside a single body (at least I don’t think so). I think it means that the interface is compromised and is interpreting things in multiple ways. When the consciousness does send information to this compromised interface interestingly it can have physical effects on the body. Eye color can change, voice print can change, and the person can go from left hand to right hand. Notice that some of these changes that can happen in seconds would require the actual genes to be changed. Once again thoughts are powerful things that go beyond the physical.



1728 and the next page 1774

He says people have the ability to imagine just with thoughts things that have never existed before. For example in your dreams you may visualize a person you have never seen before. You may hear a song in your head that has never been composed by anyone. I know this for a fact because I have done this a few times. People have the power to create purely by thought things that have never existed before. I am a piano composer and have written plenty of music that just came to me “out of no where”. What can explain that from a materialistic/atheistic/evolutionary stand point? People invent actual machines in their minds, or discover mathematical formulas in their minds, or compose a painting purely in their imaginations with no input from anything. They then as I do sit down and write it out. We then make our non-physical ideas into physical realities. What happened … took place in a non-physical realm (our imaginations) and there was nothing physical to inspire these things … they just happened. We then convert them into the physical realm so that they will not just float away and be lost in the sea of ideas. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the greatest inventions and developments happened solely in the mind of the inventor. Ultimately all ideas come from the imaginations of those that think them up.


Where do ideas come from? While we can detect the effects of an idea … say the invention that it spawned or the location where the neurons are fireing that doesn’t mean that is where the idea came from. We are only detecting the effects. Thoughts are not material and neither is consciousness where they originate. If thoughts were physical then how would you explain the following:

A person makes a decision to view an experiment in QP and affects the matter in the experiment. The thought (decision) supposedly goes from matter (brain) through space to effect matter (the photon or whatever is being tested). If the consciousness and thoughts are not material then this is not a problem.

Sometimes siblings will know when the other is in trouble with no material input.

Sometimes a mother will know her child is in distress with no material input.

Sometimes a person will enter into a room or a situation and their spider senses will tingle alerting them that something is wrong even though there is no physical evidence to suggest it.

Some people can change their bodies faster then biochemical processes would allow based on thoughts (see MPD’s and placebo effects)

Some virtuoso pianists can play faster then the time that would allow for a signal to go from hand to brain and back to hand.

People can observe things after they are clinically dead sometimes even an hour later!


This makes sense if somethings like consciousness and thoughts are not material but have physical effects that can later be detected.


Can you measure a thought?

Can you weigh a thought?

Can you measure the strength of it?

Can you put it in a test tube and do repeated experiments on it?


Thoughts are non-physical properties but it might have some manifestations like seeing some neruons firing. Lets say you think that the way your mother in law speaks is funny – and not in a flattering way. Could that thought be measured? Visualized? Analyzed? No its just one of many crazy thoughts you have on any given day.


We are not the sum total of the atoms in our bodies. We are who we are because of our individual thoughts. We don’t even consider the make up of our bodies when we think of who we are. Our view points, our own morality. We are a ship unto itself.


Of course things that happen to the brain affects the consciousness because you can not separate the two unless you are dead.




breaks down a list between mind and brain


One of the major components of life and the universe is information and communication of that information. Information starts with thoughts which are immaterial and then it is processed in the interface(brain) and then it is communicated to someone or something else. The materialist would say that this all happens purely by material means. To the materialist there is no such thing as a signal less communication. Where there is direct signal and it happens … say instantly. But in QP we see that this actually does happen with entangled objects. The information travels invisibly … instantly across the entire universe. Time and space has no meaning to this information. Nothing can get in its way. Why should thoughts be any different? Without information there is nothing. Information itself is immaterial. Without information you have nothing. The universe runs on consciousness and information.


Can dreams go backwards in time or can time have a different meaning inside dreams.


The placebo effect is so powerful that it is a standard part of doing tests. It is in our vocabulary. What is the placebo effect? It is the ability of the thought from a patient that they are getting treatment to heal themselves. They can have a fake surgery for example where they are put under, cut open, sewn back up and given after care. No surgery took place but the patient THINKS that there was and so that very thought ends up having the same effect as if an actual physical surgery were performed. In one case 30% of the patients ended up loosing all of their hair when they thought they were getting Chemo therapy. In some cases the results can be instant. A person may have an asma attack instantly when they think their should be a reason to have an attack even though there is no physical reason. The patient thought that there was a physical reason that they should be sick or healed and so they were. You can’t even do a trial a new drug or procedure without having a portion of the population (usually half) that gets nothing but a thought! Because thoughts by themselves are powerful and can have physical effects.

Nobody would accept the findings of a medical study without a placebo population. This is something that is accepted and ignored lol. This happens all the time. Pretty much every test and yet no one ever thinks about it … in part because people are more interested in working on a new drug (and rightfully so).


You can not measure gravity only its effects. You can not measure a thought only the effects. You can not measure dark matter or dark energy but we can measure the effects. We can not see the big bang or witness it but we can measure its effects.


NDE is a real phenomena that can’t be ignored. Many people on both sides of the “God” debate don’t like NDE stuff because of what they think it might imply to their own beliefs. But we gain nothing by ignoring something that is real. To me NDE is nothing more then the consciousness being disconnected from its physical interface with the body. And so of course the NDE subject is going to experience and witness things differently then they would normally when their consciousness is connected. They are able to observe and report things that would not be possible if their consciousness were still attached to their interface(brain). Its not really a big deal. Its not very complicated. NDE is not a problem when you understand that there are non-material phenomena in the universe like: God, Consciousness, and thoughts. It is a serious problem when you try to stick to a materialist belief system. You must simply dissmiss it out of hand. You have no other choice. You can not accept the possibility that it could be real because it contradicts your belief system to violently.


231 Physics of God

Ted, “Graham Hancock”

Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock


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But actually we do know that a thinking process can actually change the wiring in the brain. A traumatic event can change the wiring in the brain.

More work to be done on this section as this topic is probably one of my favorites.