Quantum Physics Proof of God

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Quantum Physics is the study of how the smallest possible things behave. And what we find are contradictions that baffled people and continue to baffle people. A lot of Quantum Physics to this day do not make any sense outside of a very intelligent / powerful entity. The creation of Quantum Physics and its critical role in how the universe operates completely kills materialism. In fact it was what made me shake my head and realise that atheism just didn’t hold up. Its impossible to look at QP and hold stead fast to materialism to say the least and I am not alone. Consider what happened to one professor of QP after teaching it. Though he was far more stubborn then myself he eventually came to the same conclusion I did and walked away from his atheism as well.


Forty years of teaching physics, gradually made me realize what Eddington realized at once: one must reject materialism, as there is no material. And, should one wish to remain an atheist, which one may—then one is forced to be a solipsist. (Physicist: should you make the latter choice—do be careful not to blush! ) Well, in 2004—to my utter astonishment—I ceased to be an atheist and, instead, I turned into a theist. I became religious solely through study of physics. The one result is that I am now happier than I have ever been in my life. I recommend it!

Richard Conn Henry


The rational materialist way of thinking about the universe would be that everything is made up of something smaller until there is nothing. But what if when you go small enough the something = is nothing? Or its just something that is possible? Or its just energy or mass and energy? You see how this gets confusing fast but you can also see how it upends everything. We are made of what?


Possabilities hahaha.


On the smallest level that is all you are. Nothing is stable. Nothing is solid. The truth is that an atom itself is 99.999999% nothing anyways. Then beyond that what is there? What is that .00000% of something? Well its light or energy but only once observed. Until its observed it is just a random number floating through randomness. Lets take your Chihuahua named Pebbles. What is inside of Pebbles and what makes Pebbles … Pebbles? You might say she has a heart, lungs, bones, and arteries. This makes sense and if we were to disect her that is what we would find. And on a finer level all of those things are made up of atoms. We know this because of well established science. But we also know that without looking inside Pebbles there is actually nothing but possabilities inside of her. We can talk about the atoms inside of our star but what are they? Are they there? This is why materialism can not survive QP. And this is why our universe is a participitory universe. We are not accidents. Intelligence is not an accidenct that just happened over time. The universe requires you and must have had an intelligent consciousness to form in the first place.



Welcome to Quantum Physics, the most accurate science known to exist by the way, so these findings are not some outlandish abstract thinking but truths more solid than the ground beneath your feet. Yet it is an area of science that is willfully kept separate, not engaging most other areas of science because it destroys the foundations already built, say in biology for instance.

To apply what we know to be true in quantum physics to biological theory would shatter what is considered fundamental and open up a gaping hole in the foundation of what is called the no God random evolution process of upward causation. The reason being that all biology is made up of smaller substances, which in truth are not even there until observed. Meaning that the smallest particles that make up the larger molecules (which combine in a way not yet known to create even the most basic of cells) in a fish for instance, must be observed (potential waves of possibility collapsed into observable particles) for the fish to take form. In literal truth, no observer, no fish. Biologists say that is crazy!, and cannot wrap their heads around it and since there are billions of fish on earth at any given moment in time, it must be wrong.

Well, it is not wrong. Evolution cannot spontaneously generate on its own without a conscious participant involved, as micro possibility waves do not collapse from super position into definable potential until (in a very real sense) asked to do so. That may seem weird but we have to think of the smallest substances as a living template of potential, which can and will take any form imaginable. Their origin is unknown and their energy source is unknown. It is only known that they do exist because all macro “things” are literally made up from these micro collapsed particles.

Like a cosmologist, biologists have build their case for evolution backwards becoming enamored and obsessed with the details in the macro realm.

But biology does not begin with simple cells. It does not begin with proteins or amino acids. It does not begin with the often referred to primordial soup. It begins with collapsed particles from superposition wave potential.

The transition from our macro realm to the micro realm requires a transition in how to think, so if we approach this sense shattering realm with macro thinking we will be continuously stumped and befuddled, which is where science is at present. Their code of conduct, or rather method of approach, is to use quantum theory only as it benefits us in our realm (such as with one third of our gross national product) but do not attempt to interpret meaning or apply such meanings to other branches of science. The reason being is that quantum physics rewrites science completely, which is why most scientists spend about zero time in comprehending how it applies to their particular domain.

What does all of this mean? It means that since consciousness is a vital part in the formation of what we call substance or matter (it is what causes the wave potential to collapse into a reality in our macro realm), that nothing tangible to our senses (including our senses) can exist without such conscious interaction.

This understanding then begs the question, who or what created what science calls the Big Bang? Or more accurately, was the big bang even necessary?

For it is fact, regardless of any findings collected to this point in history that may seem contrary, that consciousness had to be involved for such an event to even occur. It must be understood that consciousness is first cause and not what we call the Big Bang. This is basic and simple really, not a notion or an attempt to slip God into the event but a fact that is as solid as the event itself. Anything less is just misleading agenda driven science. Further, a participating consciousness (whether multiple of infinitely large) must have participated in all events from the initial bang outwards to present. That is not speculation but is an undeniable fact. Yet we have been spoon fed a type of neo-Newtonian mechanistic physics, which allows for randomly redundant, unmanaged and spontaneous creation of all arrangements in our universe. Which is a type of science that fits a carefully controlled theory but in fact cannot possible work, at all. Matter does not form in such a way. Our universe could not form in such a way. It is impossible.


Why science as such a huge body stubbornly sticks to such a bad theory is a complicated nest almost impossible to unravel but is due mainly to ignorance of core understanding of what forms matter in the micro realm transition to macro. And very sadly it is also a way to remove the notion of God from the equation of creation.

What science cannot yet comprehend (although they are close) is that the living template (in string or M theory it would be the vibrating strings, orbs, circles, horseshoes, or whatever form they take) are a part of what we call God in our realm. One day it will occur to science that this is an unlimited, infinite energy source and they will finally ask the right questions: First Why and then How?

In the simple universe of the twentieth century (the universe of Newtonian solid particles), the Big Bang was conceived. It was a viable theory of consideration and a frustration for believers in a creator God, until a mergence of thought that could accept such an occurrence as a rational explanation of how God created the universe.

Science has stubbornly stuck to and built upon this mechanistic behemoth, shoring up and doing their best to make this theory appear to be a solid fact. To the point where it seems to be a universal truth in teaching centers across our globe. Yet the problem with the Big Bang is that it is not at all necessary in our twenty first century understanding of physics. Where atoms are not stationary, super dense marbles of matter but instead are 99.9999999999999 empty energy forces brought into macro existence only when determined to be so by conscious interaction.

On a macro scale science measures the universe in what we call time and distance. It is constantly being corrected but according to macro measurements our universe is supposedly 13.8 billion years old, with our sun at 4.5 billion years of age and our earth at about 4 billion years. Light travels at a fairly steady rate 186,000 miles per second (if unimpeded by forces that would slow it down) so assumed distances are measured in what we call light years (how far light photons can travel in the period of one solar year) because miles or kilometers become useless measurements in space due to the tremendous distances perceived.

In case you were wondering, light travels 5.9 trillion miles in one solar year.

All of these measurements of age and speed are only relative terms yet are considered facts based on mechanistic observations and reasoning. You see, our minds still think with macro concepts but the truth is that everything we see is collapsed energy waves, meaning that all measurements and terms applied are in fact relative only to macro observation via the senses inherent to the human being.

Yet very slowly, science is beginning to understand the significance of this problem, with smaller groups postulating alternate theories. One such theory gaining consideration by an increasing group of physicists is the holographic universe. It is an interesting theory that would explain much but in my opinion creates more questions than it solves, as it too tries to solve the puzzle without a creator. Yet there may be some truth to it.

The most important aspect in understanding our universe and all life must rest in the structures that the universe and life are built upon, which is the quantum realm. Any postulation by observation and testing in the macro realm is of very limited value until we can filter such information through the proper lens of micro based causality. Basically, science has built theory backwards in postulating the Big Bang and eventually came to an astounding dead end. A dead end that must now incorporate science fiction of the farthest stretches in order to even remotely shore up the dreadfully incapable theory of our universe’s origin.

Yet no one will ever see that in a science text book and no child will receive a letter of apology for a lifetime of crushing their hopes in a creator that loves them and truly cares for them.

If the leaders in science would spend the time to understand quantum physics instead of continually being frustrated and amazed by its shocking conclusions, then they will discover that at the quantum level there is no concept of time. Let that sink in. Time does not exist at the fundamental level that makes up everything. The perception of time only takes existence in the macro realm because of conscious reference. In the quantum realm there is no decay but only transference. Let that sink in. In essence all of us touch the infinite each and every day but take no notice, as we perceive only what is observed via our senses in this macro realm.

I call this the game by the way and we are all a part of it.

Let’s look a one puzzle in this game, that becomes a conundrum because we attempt to use macro thinking to solve quantum questions.

When one considers the enormity of God’s listening to all prayers for instance, science (or rather those who represent science) would say it is a mathematical impossibility for this to occur. Why? Well, let’s take a few minutes to think this problem through and see the supposed outrageous impossibility and then I will show you the solution based on quantum physics. For if we take the approach that God is omniscient (which He is) and simply rest on the understanding that He can do anything (which in total provable truth, He definitely can), we are becoming part of the problem that an atheist would see as a huge red flag. For if we cannot show an atheist or a scientific atheist how God can hear all prays, all over the world, at all times and further, allow time for God to contemplate and then address each and every prayer, on an ongoing continual uninterrupted basis, while at the same time taking care of all other issues under his command, well then we truly do have a problem.

This is perhaps the greatest problem that has ever faced belief in God, as it truly is a mathematical nightmare, truly impossible within the realm of Newtonian based physics (or philosophy). In such a realm all a person can conclude is that God can somehow do it all but no one could ever possibly know how, as it is beyond our ability to grasp. So we simply say that a person must have faith and believe the unseen. I agree with that statement but I also disagree, as we can honestly know how.

With approximately 6+ Billion people currently living on earth, with only a small fraction being atheists means that there are multiple billions of prayers directed towards a God or gods each and every day. The speed of thought is actually quite slow and this is first step that the prayer must be created within our minds. Step two is the praying itself, which is usually spoken, cried out, sung, or meditated, all of which is performed at approximately the rate of human vocal speeds. Step three is the travel of the prayer from a human mind or voice to God via intersession or direct communication. In the case of intersession that would include a much larger time delay, so for expediencies sake let’s just consider a direct line to God for our prayers.

Some prayers are long and some are short. Some are liturgic poems while others are meandering novels, and all are issued fourth by humans who firmly believe they will be heard. But the only way that this is possible would be for God to suspend time, or exist in a realm outside of time constraints. Even then it would take tremendous energy to sift through each and every prayer, each and every moment. Not including any response, just the idea of His listening to each prayer is enough to boggle the sharpest of minds. Yet we are taught and firmly believe that He indeed does listen to each and every prayer, literally billions, and this is just for a single solar day.


There are those who believe that God only hears the prayers of humans who are in the proper religion, or who are righteous (according to a myopic view), which could slice billions down to hundreds of millions. A biased attempt at trimming the problem and childish reasoning at best and still not solving the problem.

So is the suspending of time a resignation as to how it could possibly happen? Or is it accurate? Well, even if God does live outside of time He still must address those beings living inside time, so there is a limitation in effect based on the physics applicable within this realm. So no matter how you look at the problem, it is a sensory overload with no answer in sight other then to simply believe that He does it, somehow. That is faith.


Consider that we (our bodies) are all made up of the exact same substance. As I stated above, all of us are composed of subatomic particles. All of which come from the same source. This is now known to be correct, and further, that all matter has the exact same quantum base as well. What we do not know is exactly what such indivisible particles look like but we do have a name for them, which in today’s scientific world is called strings. What creates the differences in macro substances seems to be variances in vibrational tones or frequencies of these strings. So whether it is a rock, a human, a star, planet, fish or a spoon, all macro matter and forces are composed of (or reactions of) the exact same foundational quantum particles science calls strings.

The huge problem is that no one knows why they vibrate, how they appeared, where their energy source came from, nor how vibrations create attractions in order to build or achieve forces. Although this theory needs a lot of work, I find it to be heading in the right direction and contains truth.

When you consider string theory as a possible truth, then you have to ask yourself where did such a matrix come from? Forgive the use of the word matrix but it best explains the concept, as the primary dictionary meaning of this word is, “something (such as a situation or a set of conditions) in which something else develops or forms”. Our universe formed from a set of conditions yet unknown and regardless of any scientific explanation, the truth is that no one knows how. And within our universe all matter and carbon based life has developed. And the Jurassic Park jewel of wisdom, “Life will find a way”, is a very lame and feeble quote that biology seems to hold on to. Mainly because they are not looking under the hood of the biological car and observing the quantum engine.

In truth, life cannot ever find a way unless directed to do so very specifically at the quantum level.

So where did the strings come from? No one knows. Not even remotely.

If they are a result, then I ask: A result of what? As all things are made up of them.

The newest simple solution to the question of where did the universe come from, is a probable collision of two universes (now with rippling edges) which in simple theory created what science calls the Big Bang. I call this simple solution and simple theory because it is a grossly inadequate and an overrated theory with no explanation for the living nature of the smallest particles called strings. Science is still postulating with a macro based reasoning, backwards in an attempt to solve a micro emergence forward, which is a complete missing of the dynamic of our universe.

And the rippling edged universe collision has so many problems that I am amazed that any scientist could even consider such a postulation. It is an embarrassment of logic, as each point of impact from two (supposed) ripped edged universes would create multiple singularities (meaning many universes) and not a clumped single universe. It is just a deflection away from the failure of the age worn, untenable Big Bang.

Let me put fourth a different theory. Not a theory of the universe, as that is for another time but one that will answer the question of just how God can hear and address each and every prayer on the planet quite easily.

Quantum entanglement.

We are literally part of God and He is part of us. Entangled at the quantum level.

What is entanglement? It is a physical phenomena where multiple objects exist in states that are linked together. Albert Einstein called this phenomena “spooky action” because it allows for faster than light travel. Actually instantaneous action over any distance.


When Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, it was not allegory. The reason each and every person can pray or cry out to God and be certain of His hearing us is because we are a part of Him. Entangled with Him, inseparable, even if we seem to think otherwise. So when you pray to God (meditate on Him, communicate with Him) time and distance are not relevant components.

Further, when you die in this macro realm you will immediately begin the process of returning to Him. There is no time displacement in these events.

Let me bring this to an end for now and leave you with a few words of encouragement…

If you believe in a creator, in God. If you know in your heart that it is truth but can’t compete with the seeming intelligence of science (or the media) who drill into us that there is no God, please know with absolute certainty that you are and always have been correct. Pray to Him with joy, with hope already fulfilled. He hears EVERYTHING. He sees EVERYTHING. He holds EVERYTHING in a balance so perfect that it defies our ability to comprehend (unless you know Him).

Know for a fact that He LOVES YOU. He cares for YOU. He is with you even in the darkest, most brutal of times. Each life is of unimaginable value, so truly love others. For in doing so you are being just like Him. Care for others because He chose YOU to do this. He works through YOU, as much as you will allow Him to. At the moment of death, smile. Smile BIG because you will go home to Him and the awesomeness of life, your life, will finally be revealed.

Point of fact: No one knows how our universe was created but I can state with confidence that it was created. Without conscious interaction at the quantum level, absolutely NO reaction can occur at the macro level. It HAD to be a calculated event.

Food for thought

Mark Wilson



Quantum Physics kills materialism