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Perry Marshall - Origin of Life

Amazing video on why you cannot have life without intelligence.

Behe & Meyer Destroy Challenge to Flagellum Motor

In this debate between ID and Darwinian panels, ID as science is established. ONLY science is being discussed as the evolutionists fail to cast ID as non-science. 'Science' journal bias is also exposed.Behe & Meyer Destroy Challenge to Flagellum Motor

Atheist Physicists Prove God. Anthropic Principle Fails

Shows clear evidence for God that all but the most stubborn would deny.


A Proof For God's Existence From Quantum Physics

Very interesting video that shows how a creator works with Quantum Physics but Atheism does not.

How the Origin of Life Points to the Existence of God

Former Atheist murder investigator does a crime scene on creation. Fantastic amazing video.

Origin:  Probability of a Single Protein Forming by Chance.

The math is not on the side of Atheism.