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Christianity has contributed the most in education to society. The church is the largest single contributor to education in the world, and in some of the poorest countries. There is no close second contributor. From preschools through colleges and universities, the Church has provided  the institutions, the buildings and the teachers.

"All knowledge is sterile which does not lead to action and end in charity." - Cardinal Desire Joseph Mercier

Public Libraries in Western Society

Christians have been responsible for developing libraries in Western society from the earliest times. This has had a great impact on learning and cultural development.


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Parochial Schools

"Faith schools are still leading the way as they dominate league tables"

UPDATED: 21:58 EDT, 14 December 2010

Faith schools have increased their dominance in the ­primary league tables.

Two thirds of the 50 best ­performing institutions were Church of England, Roman Catholic or Jewish.

This comes despite the fact that faith schools account for only one in every three schools.

Leading the way: Faith schools are dominating primary school league tables despite the fact that they account for one one in every three schools.

Nearly every 11-year-old pupil in a faith school was a whole academic year ahead of the ­Government’s target level. 

"There is a real crisis in our education system today, we call on the Government to learn ­lessons from faith schools." - Barbara Jarrett, head teacher of St Wilfrid’s Catholic primary.