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Years 2000+


Christianity has contributed the most in education to society. The church is the largest single contributor to education in the world, and in some of the poorest countries. There is no close second contributor. From preschools through colleges and universities, the Church has provided  the institutions, the buildings and the teachers.

"It is a fact that unless children are brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, they, and the society which they constitute or control, will go to destruction. Consequently when a state resolves that religious instruction shall be banished from the schools and other literary institutions, it virtually resolves on self-destruction." - Charles Hodge





Education UK.:   An overwhelming number of early education establishments were Christian before the State took over.

In the UK, faith schools (Christian and Jewish) dominate the league table of performance. Two thirds of the 50 best ­performing institutions were Church of England, Roman Catholic or Jewish.  This comes despite the fact that faith schools account for only one in every three schools.