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All of us enjoy many luxuries or benefits from inventors. Some inventions save lives, save time, save money, save work and much more.

We could look around our room and see the benefits from inventors: our electricity, our lights, our technology, our clock, our TV and I am sure some one invented the chair we sit on.

We will see the lives and the ingenuity of Christian inventors.




Father Gregory Keller

Candy Canes 

From the 1600's the candy was white plain sugar sticks and given out during the Christmas season. The white sticks were shaped by hand with a hook, to hang on the tree, along with other decorations of the time, such as, fruit, and cookies and candles.

Eventually pepperment was added for more flavor and the red stripes were added later.

In 1919 Bob McCormack started the McCormack’s Famous Candy Co. in Albany, Georgia, and started selling candy canes. The company, later known as Bob’s Candy Co. and then Bobs Candies, was known as the largest manufacturer of striped candy in the world. Bobs Starlight Mints, Peppermint Candy Balls and Sweet Stripes are still produced today.

The candies were broken frequently through the process and Bob McCormack, owner of Bobs Candies, asked his brother-in-law, Father Harding Keller, to try and invent a machine that wouldn't break the candies.

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