How Biochemist Matti Leisola’s Lab Experience Persuaded Him of Intelligent Design

Updated: May 11, 2019

by David Klinghoffer @d_klinghoffer

Evolutionary theory is well named — it theorizes imaginatively, even brilliantly. Yet evolutionary scientists generally lack the solid basis in the very practical understanding of manipulating nature that, say, a biochemist like Matti Leisola can bring to bear.

That’s one reason that Dr. Leisola, co-author of the new book Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design, is galling to Darwinists. Not only is he a heretic, having given up his loyalty to the evolutionary way of thinking, but he did so based on a superior understanding of what changes can actually be effected in nature given all the best resources of science.

He spoke via Skype recently to a gathering in Dallas and summarized the situation this way: My experience as a scientist has been that although we can modify microorganisms to do something that we want them to do, or modify proteins to function better, this modification is fairly modest. We really cannot change nature’s system very much, very far. And even when we change the organism to do something we want [it] to do, they usually return to their natural, original state.

{There are several scientists that are converting from atheism and intelligent design is making more and more converts. }

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