Deacon John's Homily

..."BUT.. there is an area where humanity has not advanced at all...This is our injustices toward each other"

Throughout the recorded history of humanity we continue to strive to move ahead. We continue to make new Discoveries that advance ourselves in every field possible.

At first we could only travel as far as our feet could carry us. Now we can go around the world in a day. There was a time our feet were firmly held to the ground. Now, we explore the bottom of the oceans and the vast space outside our atmosphere.

There was a time when education was limited to what we learned through life experiences. Now we have formal education well into our twenties, then a lifetime of continuous education. There was a day that we used a slide rule for advanced mathematics. Now, we talk to a machine to get answers for just about any questions that we may ask.

This only names a few we haven't even hit the areas of science, chemistry, physics, medicine and any other field we can think of.

BUT, and this is a big but, there is an area where humanity has not advanced at all. This is our injustices toward each other. Many people still treat others with very little respect and dignity.

People still kill each other individually and collectively, as a group, a tribe, a state, and a nation. We kill because of religious beliefs, because of power, greed, hatred, revenge, and all sorts of evil and depraved reasons, including just for the fun of it.

We still traffic in human slavery and continue to rape the innocent and young children both male and female.

Many people choose to ignore science when it's convenient or it serves their purpose. So individually and collectively, they do not accept the fact that a human life begins at conception. This enables us. We continue to abort the most innocent of lives because some infants are simply inconvenient.

If we keep our head out of the sand, all of us should realize that in spite of all humanities' advancements, morally and ethically much of humanity has not advanced at all.

Have you ever wondered why?: Why so much of humanity cannot get it right and humanities' inhumanity toward each other stays consistent throughout the ages.

Over the years, I have and I continue to wonder about it. I'll take everything in stride for a while then something will happen that I see on TV or read about that will cause me to once again, earnestly think about it.

How can humanity continually grow in wisdom and knowledge at such a fast pace, yet stay so ignorant concerning our inhumanity towards each other. I also wonder why so many people who seem to have such a sincere respect for the lives of dogs, cats, and other animals, have very little or even no respect for human life.

After spending much time thinking about it, I've come up with what I think is a feasible answer as to why we continue to make new discoveries that advance ourselves in every field possible; yet when it comes to humanities' inhumanity towards each other we make no or very little progress, and at times may even move backwards. I believe it is due to faith and education and the lack of faith and education.

By our very nature, in many areas, we are people of faith. And it is because of this faith that we can advance in so many areas. We have faith in the consistency of creation that everything God set in motion will consistently run according to His creative plan.

It is this