And God Said: "Let there be Parents"

Updated: May 8, 2019

We have only ever seen life give rise to life. Why is that? Maybe because the parents need to teach the little chicklings a thing or two. But maybe there are some things the human parents have forgotten to teach.

On a grander scale maybe there are some things our generation has forgotten.

What happened to the first Christian nation? The first nation that was really Christian with a Christian population (America)? Well it was wildly successful and then that success was used against it. Those that wanted to rule it for their own purposes used the success of the nation against it. They used the very technology and might that the nation created to form a population that would turn from the very thing that made it successful … GOD.

Lessons to be learned for sure. A nation that accomplished so much:

We invented everything worth inventing.

We kicked everyone's butts or rescued their butts.

We became the greatest economy ever.

We became the freest nation ever.

We control and disseminate culture to the rest of the planet.

We created the greatest health industry (pharm, hospitals, schools) in the world.

We dominate militarily.

We set the stage for everything.

We succumbed to the ideas that go against our founding and very existence so that now we are a nation where a sizable voting block really thinks it should end.


We are dealing with a generation that not only thinks it should end; but that it is the only just thing, even though it is the one nation that did the most on all fronts in all of modern history. The one nation that stood way beyond the rest in all achievements must be “changed” beyond its mandate, beyond its original purpose to some other purpose because … well, because it was just so disgustingly successful. The truth is that it was successful beyond belief to the point that to tear it down you would need to convince its population that the success, itself, is evil beyond belief; that to starve as others or to suffer is just.

The march to oblivion:

You have to re- envision everything. You have to censor everything. You must censor everything because failure is not a course most people willingly aspire to. No … failure is something you have to force people to do. You force them through manipulation, guilt, games, techniques, subtlety. You do it through infesting every fiber of the being of the system itself until failure seems like success; to abandon your gift, your rights; until it seems to be the only just way to go. And so to failure you march; degrading everything by slow and incremental changes like a reverse … perverse … evolutionary mechanism. And down the hole we plunge. History must be re-imagined because unless it leads to failure it is evil. For we are evil. And we hate ourselves and we hate our past and we hate each other