How this Atheist Saw God and faced it.

Updated: May 8, 2019

You want to know the truth. I was terrified and electrified that moment when I thought, "Wait! Maybe there really is a God". It was a crazy moment. It filled me with dread and wonder. I was curious about this creature that might be able to do all of this. I mean could it even be possible? I wanted to know more. I thought of Einstein for some crazy reason and what would he have thought.

I think Einstein would have concluded the same things as many others have done in our day only he would have done it 20 times faster because … He’s that guy.

I was talking to someone tonight about how I came from Atheism to know that God is real. In the course of the conversation many things came up and I remembered my beliefs as I had to deal with them from stage to stage. My conversion from atheism took steps and I gave battle at every step. I put up a good effort. I guess you can judge the success of my fight based on this piece. I lost.

Einstein basically believed that the universe was God. I can’t fault him on that because I began to believe that as well when I first came out of atheism. He believed that because the universe is too complicated and spectacular to be happen-chance that the universe is God.

In Einstein's time he didn’t know how complicated and spectacular it is; but even then, he knew that it was too great to be anything but god like. To get god like structures or abilities you need God. So at first, he believed like I did that the universe itself might have god like properties and only that.

My journey through that was this: When I was exposed to Quantum Physics I realized that there were things that were beyond the naturalistic, materialist, explanation. And that there were phenomena in the universe that had a supernatural quality to it. Not necessarily spiritual but it was definitely beyond materialism. And so I began to believe that the universe itself became conscious; because the universe is so big and complicated that the consciousness of it would be very powerful and god like. I believed that it seemed reasonable that if we are part of the universe and are conscious why shouldn’t it? And if it became so ... then wouldn’t it become so much more than us that are just the parts of it? There are serious problems with this that I would find out in quick order. The biggest problem is it is a logic fail! It wont work that way. It is a natural way to go and it does make sense but when you keep looking at it .. it breaks down.

This is of course is the path of an atheist that is trying desperately to hold on to something … anything … I mean please let me have this and you can have that. It won't work that way because in the end it will ultimately deny the natural order of the universe:

1. There must be a creator to have creation.

2. In the laboratory of the Universe we have only seen creation from something similar:

a. Life gives rise to Life.

b. Intelligence gives rise to intelligence.

c. Consciousness gives rise to consciousness.

d. Information only comes from intelligence and the degree of complexity/meaning of the information is directly related to the degree of the intelligence.

3. The order of life is thus: life gives rise to life that then accelerates in intensity and then dies.

4. There is a pull to freedom, beauty and love.

5. There is resistance to evolution inside of the body.

6. While there is freedom there are limits and consequences.