Why You Can't Trust Old People!

Updated: May 7, 2019

It should be clear to all rational people (college educated) that you can’t trust old people. By old, I mean anyone older then AOC, so anyone older than 29 years old. Rational people of this age know exactly how the world works and more importantly, how it should work. If you don’t believe that, just ask them and they will be happy to help you out. Old people didn’t live in our time but during a different time. They lived on a different planet that has no relevance to this planet.

On their planet they had quaint notions of a nation that had a border … how bizarre. They thought that if a 6 year old child drew a picture of a gun in school, the police should not be called in … how terrifying. They believe on their home planet of sensus communis that humans were the same as most other mammals and had only two genders … how hateful.

Now to be fair, it's oK to listen to some old people if they at least get with the program; for example, Nancy Pelosi said that she thought that 16 year old’s should be able to vote. She is on the right track but falls far short of where she should be. The truth is, if you are old enough to pick out the ice cream flavor you want, you are old enough to vote; after all ice cream comes in dozens of flavors, but politicians only come in two.

An old person doesn’t know how to make sense of this world. On their home planet of Sensus communis someone living in Germany or Sweden 30 years ago wouldn’t know about cell phones, texting, gang rape and frequent terrorism. What a boring and confusing planet. Those people could walk around with an image of their country's flag on their shirts and not get beaten up or accused of being evil. That planet had norms for behavior and offensive speech that had remained virtually unchanged for generations. How can they be trusted on this planet that changes everything every day?

On this planet, in many circles we don’t have families anymore. We don’t go to church. Instead, we like to scream at the sky. Who has time for church and families when there are still people out there that aren’t “woke”. We must for the good of all .. find these people and call them out. An old person might play along so they won’t face our wrath but should be viewed with suspicion. After all its been too long since they have been out of college and the right thinking may not be entirely in place. Besides, if they are too far removed from high school or college they won't know the current thought lines that are mission critical if we are to have a safe universe.

We all know that there is no absolute truth and all is relative. This means what I just said is not true but we can also see what we see … I mean. OK, lets say these old people start talking about a time when a person could just do their job without worry about our Religion; they might start to talk about it. Or a time when someone could actually travel through Europe safely without worry about rape or robbery. We have to control them. Wait, I might have offended someone at this point; so I must say that I am your comrade and DO NOT ASSIMILATE ME …. I have already been assimilated…. Blessed be the name of Mao. I am one with the cause; so there is no need to bother with me. A