Who Cares About Free Speech?

Updated: May 7, 2019

Free speech … but why? I toil away but why? I care but why? In the end I get banned from this group or that. Why? Because what I am saying is too powerful. Not because of what I'm saying; but rather, because it's the truth. In the end we don't have time for the truth; we have more important apps to download and other things to consider.

We are awash in the waves of our own making. We must submit to the comforting call to apathy. It is comforting after all. F-It we are comfortable after all. Lets just embrace that warm fold of nothingness. Wait … what?

We could take a selfie while the Notre Dame blazes in the background; that would be cool. I mean damn, isn't that something you could get some clicks. Not your taste? You could do as I do .. a bunch of hot air antics to wake people up for what?

We could fart in an elevator with clown masks on and pretend it matters while we get clicks.

Meanwhile it all burns to the ground.

My heart bleeds for what is taking place and what I witness. I fight and I struggle to what end? Fight I must because the other option is worse. It's to spit and trash on all those that were better than me. They built everything I stand upon. How can I degrade them?

I can't

I won't

And so with no purpose I go forward because to do nothing is a disgrace to things that are bigger and better than me.

Who am I?

Nothing. And yet I know I must do … even a little … even something.


Ask the people that build everything that I take for granted why.

Only they could answer why anyone would do anything at this point.

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