I express my beliefs for an Anthropology Class!

Updated: May 7, 2019

I posted a brief off the cuff account of my conversion from Atheist to Believer in God and had a very interesting question on FB:


  • Mary (not her real name): Saving this for my anthropology class. Would love to hear more. What would you say are the biggest scientific arguments that propelled you to an intelligent design approach? If you could summarize a few of the key ones VERY simply, that would be a huge help to me.


  • Sure it starts with Quantum Physics in that we know that materialism is false. There are things that can go beyond material like information that is able to transverse time and space instantly based on a thought such as in entangled objects. That is a huge problem for materialism.

  • Next would be the connection between consciousness and QP in that we see that intelligence has fundamental role in the fabric of the universe and how it was designed. Every QP founder says so and call it a participatory universe in that we are required and our consciousness is required.

  • Now after having a link with QP and consciousness I looked at the case for God and found that the math that goes against an un-intentional universe is beyond any reasonable doubt. The universe was designed not only for life but for intelligengce.

  • I then looked at Evolutionary Biology and that was very stunning in that the evidence inside of the science of Evolutionary Biology actually points to an outside intelligent agent. With that there is nothing left. You don't have first life. You don't have creation. You don't even have unintended creation mechanisms without purpose.

  • Lastly and most astonishingly you don't even have the classic Darwin narrative. In the field of Evolutionary Biology the scientists are in a mess. They don't know what to do because the classic narrative won't work so now we have to come up with new theories like "Game Theory", "Evo Devo" and "Synthetic Evolutionary Theory" for example. This is all on the false assumption that there is no Outside Intelligent Agent. Because well … we all know that right?

  • Connect the dots young Jedi Warrior and you will find the truth as I did. And guess what? There is nothing to fear in it. Honestly it is liberating and intoxicating to know the truth you will be able to understand science and the universe beyond your professors. And its not that hard. I have already debated your professors. If not someone just like them. They are locked in a box and science and truth is not on their side.

Here is the original post of my conversion:

My pathway from Atheist to God.

It started with Quantum Physics. As I looked into QP I realized that QP kills materialism. If materialism is killed by the most verified science in all of science then atheism has a real problem. At that point I knew I needed to know more.

I decided to look at it from both perspectives and look deep into the science on both sides. I was amazed to see that the "God" side (outside intelligent agent) was undeniable. But if that wasn't enough when I read "Darwins Doubt" I was fully shocked. I thought evolution would at least stand up but … well not at all.

At that point I was able to connect the dots from consciousness, purpose, logic, math … etc. And so then at that point it was electric. Suddenly things make sense and the universe really comes to life. Knowledge flows freely and there is an awakening not just in knowledge but in that spark of life.


I want you to notice that everything is reasonably brief. There is no preparation. Its fluid as it should be. If you are secure in your beliefs then you can do this in minutes. The science is on the side of God it is not on the side of atheism. And when science is on your side and truth is on your side then this should be fast and effortless.

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