The Darkness within.

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

I was watching the video below and was struck by much of what this great man said so many decades and degrees of socialism ago. I say degrees because we are many degrees farther down the path than when this was first aired. Keep in mind that the video was broadcast live on national television in America prime time. So this was an alien world and this video is an artifact from that alien civilization:

Yes, he looked a bit like count Dracula and his style was pretty dramatic; but I give all that a total pass, because he was working through the medium and style of his day. He was doing what he needed to do in order to get his words heard. And the words are genius because he was a giant. This was clearly a man with electricity rather then blood in his veins. And he knew of what he spoke. I will trifle with the giant on a point:

Fulton Sheen talked about how the vulture, that is communism, can only devour a civilization that is already rotting. I agree but would add this:

A civilization only rots when souls that are broken and deranged lead the masses off the cliffs of sanity. Like an advanced party that establishes a beach head inside the cells of the organism; they feed off the organism from the inside out. Then the cult of death swoops down to feast. The problem is that their brains are cracked like an egg beyond repair. For only a cracked brain would talk about killing millions of people as casually as making breakfast: "sometimes you have to crack some eggs to make an omelet".

Why is it that we find atheism / communism and cracked brains so often on the same plate?

Marx said that where atheism begins is where communism begins. Why would that be so? Because when God is out of the picture you need to fill up the void. “And ye shall be as God’s knowing good from evil”. Or is it more that you will decide what is good and evil. That you will make the standards.

But the standards of atheism/Marxism are the stuff of nightmares. Goats and children alike run for their lives. It is a scorched earth, soul crushing, death cult that obliterates all it touches. If this plague that is rotting us gets its ultimate revenge on us; then it will be a firestorm that has never been seen.

For our homegrown commie babies are more commie then anyone dared dream of before. Our wide eyed bugged out brain AOC’s are a marvel of the universe. They don’t even know what gender is anymore. The hate/fear and fanaticism to the death cult is a wonder.

They busy themselves with policing themselves and everyone else. They scream at us and the sky in defiance to mental health. They laugh giddily at common sense. They dismiss truth and reason as something that has outlived its time. They hate even the concept of natural law. They don’t just refuse how the universe actually is; they puff their chests in rage and defy it. They will end us if we don’t stop them. They will end themselves if we don’t stop them.

People think that we might get a soft landing. Not so. Never has a civilization been so primed for explosion as ours. It's now in our DNA. We will go out like a super nova. Like anti-matter being introduced into a sane galaxy we will implode into the black hole to rival all black holes. We will be a case study. We are busy obliterating any obstacles to this event. And so we may have to endure its consequences.

I debate people all the time. One of the things that helps me is to accept the universe as it is. But the cult of death will have none of it. They brush aside all logic and facts like insects after a summer rain.

Maybe you think this is harsh. But is it? Consider this:

The founder of the sexual revolution that is a big part in transitioning our society to the brave new insane world had a vision. His mind was already wobbly at age six.

So at the pimp daddy age of 11 this angel of deviance had sexual fantasies about climbing in bed with his mom and her love