Why MMA fighters are different then SJW fighters

Updated: May 7, 2019

I have always been interested when I get a chance to talk to people in the MMA or Special Forces. They are overwhelmingly on the right side of the dial; very focused but also very respectful. They are always people you feel lucky to be able to talk to. But why are they so destined to the right? I have a theory about that and it goes like this.

They have trained to make their bodies to be beyond a normal human. They are in a real fight with another that has done the same. They can die in this battle or be permanently handicapped. The stakes are real and the players are real. This would not be a good place for a snowflake. This is a reality where the fight has real world consequences and the training that they have done to make them what they are is the opposite of what a snowflake undergoes.

For the SnowFlake its all theory about something imagined; but for the MMA it's real and in your face. In the end, you fight for the battle you were trained for. In the end the training you undergo dictates what type of fight you are equipped to fight. Our generation is not equipped to fight anything more then the disappointment of a protest over our map pack for call of duty not coming out on time.

We have been trained to be snowflakes.

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