Proof of God: Information

3 Reasons Why DNA is Scientific Evidence For The Existence of God



1. DNA is a Language

I want you to imagine that you walk into a bookstore and you pick up a book that you find interesting.


You open up the book and you read the first sentence. It reads, “This is a story about love.”

What is it about those six words that made you understand what this book is about? I’d like to propose these two things:


1.  Meaning

Each word in the sentence above has a meaning. You know what words like “story, about” and “love” mean.

If these words didn’t mean anything to you, then you wouldn’t know how to pronounce them or understand them.

2.  Sequence

The fact that the words are in a certain sequence is important. The words are arranged in a certain way so that it creates a grammatically correct sentence that you can understand.

If the sentence above instead said, “story a love this about is,” then the sentence wouldn’t make much sense.


Making these two distinctions about language is important to you understanding how DNA is also a language.


If you were to open up a book and you found meaningful words that were put together in grammatically correct sentences, what evidence would you need to know that there was an author who wrote the book, even though you never met him or her?

The answer would be the linguistic sentences in the book are evidence that there was an author who wrote it.


Similarly, the language in DNA is evidence that there was an author who wrote the book to life.

What’s further fascinating about DNA is that after the human genome project was complete, it was discovered that it was composed of some 3 billion genetic letters.

“One of the most extraordinary discoveries of the twentieth century was that DNA actually stores information, the detailed instructions for assembling proteins in the form of a four-character digital code.”Dr. Stephen Meyer, The Discovery Institute


The amount of information in human DNA is roughly the equivalent to 12 sets of The Encyclopedia Britannica, which is an incredible 384 volumes. DNA is so filled of detailed information, that it would fill 48 feet of library shelves! (source)

Some people will try to argue that evolution is responsible for the intricate language found in DNA. However, it’s impossible for a process like evolution, even if it was given billions of years, to come up with the language that we see in DNA.


There will be more about why this is the case in the section of this article called, “Answers to Counter-Arguments by Atheists.”


You also might be thinking that while there must be an intelligent source behind DNA, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the source is God. I’ll also be addressing this question later on in this article.


2. DNA is an Instruction Manual

The second interesting thing that we learn about DNA is that it’s an instruction manual.

Just like a nightstand has a manual to help you assemble it, DNA acts as a manual to help assemble the cells in your body.


Imagine that you just bought a new nightstand to replace the one that you currently have in your bedroom.


Most nightstands these days come unassembled so that you can easily move the piece of furniture out of the store, into your car, and drive it to your home.


So as you are in your bedroom opening up your new unassembled nightstand, the first thing that you find when you open the box is the instruction manual.


You pick it up and as you begin reading it, you find that it says, “Take the wood panel labeled 1 and attach it to the wood panel labeled 2. Use one of the provided screws to fit the two panels together.”


The instructions give you, the assembler, all the information you need to put your nightstand together.


Likewise, DNA are instructions to your cells to put all of your living parts together.

If you bought your nightstand and looked at the instruction manual without ever meeting the author of the manual, what evidence would you need that there was an intelligent source behind the writing of the manual?


The answer would be that the manual itself is evidence that someone wrote it. You don’t need to meet the author of the manual to know that there was someone who wrote it.

Neither do you need to meet the designer of the nightstand to know that there was a designer.


Similarly, DNA instructions are evidence that Somebody wrote the manual to life.

Another way of looking at it is similar to that of writing code for a software program.  The code written by the programmers of the software instructs your computer to do certain things.

Likewise, the code in DNA instructs your cells to do certain things.  Obviously, there has to be an intelligent programmer behind all of this complex code.


“DNA is like a software program, only much more complex than anything we’ve ever devised.”Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

3. DNA is Mathematically Perfect

The alphabet that makes up the DNA language consists of only four letters.

They are denoted by the letters A, C, T, G. If you tend to be on the geeky side, then those letters stand for adenine, cytosine, thymine, and guanine.


These four makeup nucleotides that make up the strands of DNA. (source)

DNA needs to copy itself. In order to meet maximum efficiency, DNA requires the number of letters in each word to be an even number.


Of all the possible mathematical combinations, scientists have discovered that the ideal number for storage and transcription has been calculated to be exactly four letters. (source) 

“The coding system used for living beings is optimal from an engineering standpoint. This fact strengthens the argument that it was a case of purposeful design, rather than a lucky chance.”Werner Gitt, German Engineer


The information is the problem


When trying to explain where DNA came from Atheists will say evolution. Now its one thing to say that an unguided process was responsible for pulling together molecules, atoms, and chemicals in an orderly highly improbable way. (The math behind that is ridiculous) But what of the information? If you told me that you could dump a few boxes of Lego blocks of different sizes, shapes and colors could build something like this:

I would say that sounds pretty far fetched. A bit like a fairytale. 

But what if???

Fantastic LEGO Masterpiece Cities (11).j

What if you told me there were blueprints for that mini Logo city that appeared randomly?

Why is there so much information encoded into DNA? Because the information is blueprints for factories and cities that make up the bodies of living things. Even a fruit fly is more complicated and sophisticated then anything humans have ever made and so the blueprints for such a design would naturally be very large and compressed. Simply put the information is the biggest problem.