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Communication 101: Information Theory Made REALLY SIMPLE

What information is and why it is important for life and the creation of life.

Probability (part 1)

Probability Math explained.

Refuting Evolution

Great online course that really gets in and explains the problems with Evolution. It also is good for learning about Evolution.

Classical Taxonomic Order of Life

This is an older one but the names below Kingdom are still relevant.

Microbiology Chapter 1

Good intro into Microbiology everyone needs a refresher from time to time.

Couple of Great Charts

Good for showing the terms and some of how it works. We will be adding more charts and dividing up this section soon.

Discovering Intelligent Design

Free online course taking you into the heart of Intelligent Design.

The Design of Life

Free online course that will show you how life was designed. It wasn't an accident.

Intelligent Design Explained

A one hour video by the Master of ID Stephen Meyer. Learn what its all about from a genius.

Chart Showing the Taxonomic Order

When in a debate no one refers to anything above Phylum.