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The Atheist Delusion ~ Full Movie

Long video with interesting interviews

Richard Dawkins owned by John Lennox


The zoologist gets a spanking :)

Richard Dawkins admits to Intelligent Design

Sort of … Dawkins making a Dawkins mistake

Douglas Axe's conclusion to his lecture on the Evolutionary claim

Douglas Axe and his brilliance at it again.

Douglas Axe on evolution's ability to produce new functions.  Ahhh if only evolution could do what some want.

Douglas Axe on challenges to Darwinian Evolution


So many problems with evolution and so little time

A German Scientist speaks out about Intelligent Design. 

More and more scientists are being forced to take positions.

What is the probability of life arising by pure chance?

So many problems with pure chance that now atheists like to say its not by chance.

The protein folding problem ` Ken Dill ` a major conundrum for science

The protein folding problem is one they don't like to talk about

Best Critique of Evolution you will ever hear.

Every evidence against evolution is one for a God.